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DRIFTPROMOTION, is managed by former Aircraft Engineer Graham Callaway (left).

DRIFTPROMOTION is primarily a sponsoring and management platform that supports manufacturers and promotes the sport, as well as acting as a scout for new and talented drivers.
We are regularly praised for our "BRAND NEUTRAL" marketing and sponsoring advice around Drift sports.

During our activities, we scored a number of unique 'firsts'.

We introduced a wide selection of foreign drivers into the various Western European series, including Polish and Scandinavian drivers to the IDC German series in 2006.

In 2009 we brought the first Russian team (Moscow Drift Team) to Germany and France.

After concentrating on participation of foreign teams, we changed strategy to "Talent Spotting" and identification of promising drivers, with a goal of offering good advice and eventual sponsoring agreements.

We scored with 2 Championship Wins and then 2 runner-up positions in 4 progressive years of the Spanish Drift Championship with French RX7 driver, Sebastien Lepert.

We advised may top drivers with tips on strategy and event information, as well as how to manage tight budgets and focus on key events for maximum exposure.

Driftpromotion has supported drivers for the following organisations since 2005:

BE Drift Series (Partner)
Benelux Drift Series (BE & NL combined)
Luxembourg Drift Organisation (DRIFT.LU)
French Drift Federation (FFD)
French Drift Series (FDS)
French Drift Community (FDC)
Drift Challenge France (DC)
SportAuto Yokohama Drift Challenge Germany
IDC, Germany (Partner)
Drift International (SVA Drift Challenge) UK
DriftRacing (Lydd events) UK
JDM Allstars UK
European Drift Federation
Nordic Drift Series
Xtreme Drift Series (Finland)
Spanish Drift Championship
ODBC Belgium
ODC Benelux
King of Europe
Moscow Drift Team (MDT)
Gymkhana Germany 2010
Drift United
ürburgring Drift Cup

We also provided management, technical, safety and planning resources for the following organisations:

BE Drift Series
Benelux Drift Series
French Drift Federation (FFD)
French Drift Series (FDS)
SportAuto Yokohama Drift Challenge/IDC, Germany
IDC Germany
IDS Germany
Drift International (SVA Drift Challenge) UK
European Drift Federation
Moscow Drift Team (MDT)
Gymkhana Germany 2010

Sebastien Lepert shares a joke with Kawabata San from Driving Sports..

- You have a drift event? ..
We will bring you top drivers and experts to support you.
- You want to drive in another series/country or in a special event?
We will assist you in communicating with the organisers and arrange as much as we can for you in advance.

What does

- Promotion of DRIFTING at all levels.
- Media and Press management.
- Language and translation services.
- Sponsoring and mediation for promising drift talent.
- Application of business principles to increase professionalism in the sport.
- Realisation of drift demo's, exhibitions, professional training and events with established organisers.
- Open communication and liaison with other drift organisations and championships, worldwide.
- Stimulation of communication and cooperation between drift organisers within Europe.
- Extensive independent research and establishing contact with possible new sponsors.
- Communication and liaison with existing sponsors.
- Independent research and realisation of new opportunities.
- Support of individual drift series and championships with relevant expertise.
- Active support of emerging drift activities within Europe.
- Establishment of basic procedures, regulations and processes in support of organisers.
- Monitoring, modification,and implementation of safety rules and technical requirements.
- Assisting drift organisers with sponsor relations and contracts.
- Assisting individual drivers with sponsor relations and contracts.
- Assisting with solution of problem areas and safety issues.
- Development of new concepts and programmes.
- The promotion of good sportsmanship.

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"Drifting is the most important discipline in Motorsport" : Maceij Polody