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Callaway Motorsport



has been around for 15 years and is an experienced Marketing and Sponsoring Management Bureau as well as an active scout for new motorsport talent. Our passion for drifting takes absolute first place. It is run by former Aircraft Engineer, Graham Callaway.
Since 2016 we concentrate on personal advice and coaching for drift drivers.

2016 / 2017

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Wade van Zummeren, South African Drift Champion
Wade made a visit to Europe to take a closer look at the drift scene with the goal of coming here to compete on a regular basis.
He drove 2 rounds of Drift Allstars in 2016. We hope to welcome him back here in 2017.

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Wade's immaculate and highly modified Nissan.


Johannes "Joe" Hountondji (IDS/ Drift United/ King of Europe/Nurburgring Drift Cup)


Elias "Eli" Hountondji (IDS/ Drift United/ King of Europe/Nurburgring Drift Cup)

In 2012 we helped the Drift Brothers take a fresh look at their promotional material and advised them on the importance of immaculate vehicles.
In 2015 these guys also wiped the slate with their podium finishes..In 2015 we also introduced Joe and Eli to some potential sponsors for the 2016 season which resulted in a deal, and so they will be assisted to a new level in 2016 and beyond with extra financial backing. We will continue to support them with advice in 2017 along with partner CALLAWAY MOTORSPORT. These guys are very professional in all that they do. A joy to see in action and great ambassadors for the sport. Most certainly future EU Champions.

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Also in 2015 and 2016 we are assisting Karolina Pilarczyk in the search for some extra sponsoring to assist in her goal of more publicity and more professionalism in the drift scene.


Karolina in action


The Pretty face behind the visor..




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The TZ33 of Marcel Uhlig..

Drivers assisted by us in the past include:


Marcel Uhlig, Germany. DRIFT UNITED Champion 2014!

Since 2005 it has been our privilege to support the growth of this sport and towards the 2016 season we continue work on proven ground to support Pro European drivers and sponsoring partners in further development and growth of the sport. We have unique "insider knowledge" of the sport which helps immensely when trying to strike meaningful sponsoring deals.

We help talented drivers and Pro Drifters to find good sponsors, but also sponsors to find the right drivers who will show commitment in promoting brands. It's not all about driving, but careful preparation, safety considerations and good management too, as well as personal relationships.

If you want help with sponsoring or you just want to improve the deals you already have in place, we can help. Did you notice how many F1 drivers only get a seat if they bring sponsors along with them? That's because having an existing network in place strengthens your bargaining position, no matter what you are hoping to achieve. Please don't undersell yourself or get ripped off, talk to us first.

In order to qualify you must be at least a championship winner or be able to produce a proper "track record" of your performances over the last 3 seasons. If you don't have this, we will be happy to assist you with advice but we can't promise you any top level sponsoring deals right at the start. You have to earn it, otherwise you just have to be lucky. In our opinion you need at least 3 seasons behind you to know your stuff. We are always happy to give you tips to increase your chances!

(seen here in 2006 at IDC Germany as assistant director of the series.)

When we make a deal, it is hard for a potential sponsor to turn it down because we have a unique position in the sport. We can add "sweeteners" to the deal that give them a good ROI. With our experience we also know which companies you should avoid and where not to waste your time trying to get sponsoring. We also have multiple contacts in the industry, worldwide.

Driftpromotion: Home of Champions.
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Oliver Harsch and Wisefab ;-)

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Sebastien Lepert (France) Spanish Drift Champion 2010,2012, Vice Champion 2011,2013.

1ere manche juneda 2013 001

Seb with his new colour scheme for 2013

Graham Callaway says: "Having previously worked in the organisation of various European drift championships, I decided to take a break in 2008. The attitude and greed of some organisers convinced me to work only directly with drivers because for me these are the important guys. My network of contacts has expanded considerably in the meantime.
This is where I have been able to make the most positive contribution and help many drivers to a higher level of achievement.
There is much "fake sponsoring" in the sport, surprisingly by some big and very well-known companies but there are also smaller "deals" that deliver nothing to the drivers. Not only does the public get the wrong impression, but it is very bad for growth of the sport and even worse for the participants.
Unfortunately a lot of it is still around on but luckily it has not destroyed my love of the sport and I do my best to put a stop to it where I can."
For 2016 there is light on the horizon with 4 EUROPEAN based drift championships with a good organisation behind them!! Looking forward to watching some good drifting!
Luckily some of the good drivers and veterans are still around and I hope some are tempted to rejoin the fun this year !
Our talent search has often led to finding a cluster of skilled drivers of various nationalities who we support with sponsoring partnerships and event management. These drivers fall under our team concept, the EUROPEAN ALLSTARS. (which is a brand established by us and not to be confused with DRIFT ALLSTARS!).
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Sebastien Lepert, Spanish Drift Champion 2010 / 2012, Vice-Champion 2011,2013.


Seb with JR Gittin and Shane Lynch of JAPSPEED/STOBART

With this effective toolkit we are able to support drivers in their transition from amateur to sponsored PRO status.
In addition we also support existing drivers at Pro level with International event organisation and liaison, with visiting drivers often approaching us for sponsoring advice,
marketing tips and organisational support.
Drop us a mail, we are always happy to help.
European Alstars team logo

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 23.57.01
Oliver Harsch, Germany, best German Drifter 2008 and 2010 IDS series.
Winner of Europe's first Gymkhana Drift event. Multiple Hill climb champion.
Gymkhana Drift winner 2010 and 2011.

Sponsorship: INFINITY TYRES supplied by Euro-Tyre BV.

We organised the sponsorship deal for Oliver. A Likeable character with many years of good results.
Did you know he also won the
NISSAN SPEED RACE driving competition for Germany a few years ago?
A great all-rounder.

Sebastien Lepert, France, Multiple podium finisher and Spanish Drift Champion in 2010 and 2012, Vice Champion 2011.

Sponsorship: Fort Pneus (France) , STD Suspensions. RE-Worx.

We helped Sebastien find a good RX7 specialist to rebuild and tune his engine. We found him a suspension sponsor.
We assisted him with entry fees and discounted spare parts. We found him a tyre sponsor for 4 years.


In the past we have also organised sponsoring for visiting teams such as the
MOSCOW DRIFT TEAM who visited Germany and France in 2009.

Graham Callaway greets team manager Ksenia Virga to the Nürburgring
Graham greets manager Ksenia Virga at the Nürburgring.

The members of the Team..


For the Moscow Drift Team we arranged tyre support and transport for the two European
competitions which they attended in Germany and France.
The whole team was supplied with INFINITY tyres, a brand which they had not tried before.
They were very impressed with the performance of the tyres under the harsh conditions
at the Nürburgring and this has led to further use of the brand by members of the team.

ANDREY BOGDANOV, Moscow Drift Team (now sponsored by Infinity Tyre in Russia!)

And drivers also sponsored/supported by us in the past include:

Luke Fink JDM Allstars
Luke Fink, Australia (Drift Australia Champion 2009, JDM Allstars Champion 2010)
Event support and liaison with European organisers to find suitable events.

Tim Tatje
Tim Tatje, Netherlands 2006 - 2008, Event support, entry fee sponsoring.

Andreas Distel
Andreas Distel, Switzerland 2006 - 2008, Car parts, event support.

Tony Jouin
Tony Jouin, France 2007 Entry fees.

David Roze
David Roze, France 2007 Entry fees.

Yves Faber
Yves Faber, Luxembourg 2006 - 2008. Event support and liaison.

Peter Carrick
Peter Carrick, Prodrift Ireland 2007, entry fee sponsoring.

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